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An interview with Hesbon Mwangi

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Name: Hesbon Mwangi Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya Sport: Soccer Favorite soccer team: Arsenal FC Favorite Player: Thierry Henry Nike or Adidas?: Nike Rocks! When did you start playing soccer? At the age of 4 years, I loved the game because you only need the ball to start playing. It’s a very simple game. Favorite position? Right wing/right midfielder Why did you come to Bethel College? It was my destiny approved by God even before I was born. I wonder what my next destiny is? (I) can’t wait to know! What is your favorite sports memory? Inter-classes soccer champion as a junior in high school after defeating the tough and aggressive senior class. It was awesome! I scored the equalizing goal and the winning penalty in the shoot-out! What are your pre-game rituals? Dancing before the game and also praying briefly before kick-off! What is the biggest difference between the American style of soccer and Kenyan style? Lack of passion by the players so it barely gets exciting! Americans don’t want to celebrate a goal by, for example, doing a dance or something else crazy and exciting! Soccer is all about fun! What are the best and worst things about living in America? The best thing is that I have met great friends both boys and girls so far, but too bad people don’t know how to have fun and also they worry too much instead of enjoying the much they have. It is also disheartening people don’t realize how blessed they are! Pre-game meal? "Ugali" (Kenyan corn meal) and beef stew but I don't get that here so I eat what DC or Acorn has to offer. Why do you play soccer? I play soccer to appreciate the talent God has given me and also to have fun with some of my favorite people.
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