Manges sustains perfect record over Oakwood-Slater

 -  -  31

Last Saturday, the seventh annual Manges vs. Oakwood-Slater was held and Manges Hall extended their record to 7-0 against RD Bill Bemis’s crew. Overall, it was a hard fought defensive battle that Manges was able to capture by a score of 3-0. “We outgained the Mangy team by a significant margin, despite their having both a weight and experience advantage,” Bemis said, describing the overall effort from the Oakwood side. According to Bemis, Manges was able to obtain favorable field position the entire game, which led to their field goal that turned out to be the deciding factor in the game. Nevertheless, Bemis felt that the team fought hard as a whole and was proud of the way they unified themselves throughout the game. “Oakwood-Slater Hall plays as a team, with all participants functioning from that perspective,” stated Bemis. “There were no individuals and no egos.” On the other hand, Manges was able to use their experience and keep their perfect record standing. Manges heavily relied on junior Bryant Byler who used some impressive carries to put them in excellent position. “I had a lot of fun playing with the Manges guys and it’s always fun beating Oakwood,” said Byler.
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