Walk the talk

 -  -  27

Four Bethel students reside in off-campus housing to demonstrate Christ-like living to the Keller Park neighborhood.
Seniors Cat Hershberger and Elizabeth Serrano, along with juniors Dori Walterhouse and Susanna Frusti live among the Keller Park community in Bethel’s on-site house. The three-bedroom residence provides the girls with an opportunity to demonstrate Christ-like living in a neighborhood setting. Residing off-campus allows them to break the Bethel bubble and interact with those in the “real world” during their college years. “It’s almost a more valuable community because we’re living in a real-life situation,” shared nursing major Walterhouse. Although she expressed the struggle of balancing schoolwork with people-investment, Walterhouse loves being able to build relationships with others outside Bethel’s boundaries. The girls are heavily involved with the local church and provide a stable environment for kids in the community. By maintaining a consistent presence in the area, they connect church relationships with day-to-day interactions in the neighborhood, and this consistency assists in more effective ministry.
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