‘Tis the season for Christmas music

 -  -  31

Christmas may only come once a year, but when exactly is the right time to start listening to the tunes that come along with it? According to sophomore basketball standout Landon Booker, “Christmas music should not be listened to until the beginning of December.” However, there are other people who disagree with this view completely. “I would have it playing all year round if it was up to me,” said assistant women’s basketball coach Christopher Hess. Although this may sound a little over board for something that comes only once a year, some people just can’t get rid of the Christmas spirit even if they try. Then there is the other side of the spectrum. Sophomore Kristen Hicks said, “Christmas music should not be listened to until the day of Christmas, and then turned off that same day.” The trick to figuring out when to start listening to Christmas music isn’t in deciding on a certain date or time period, it is in the how long you see yourself being able to listen without it getting old. There is no one answer to this question; it is up to you to decide when the right time is.
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