Bethel hosts JJ Heller Concert

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The JJ Heller performance held at Bethel surpassed expectations. (Image URL: http://www.bing.com)
“So You Think You can Dance” song and radio artist, JJ Heller, performed a concert in the Everest- Rohrer Auditorium  on Wednesday, Jan., 12.  Heller and her husband Dave performed many of their own songs as well as sharing stories behind the meanings of the songs. They told stories about their daughter and personal testimonies. It was a night full of laughter, good music, and worship.
“I thought the concert was amazing,” said sophomore Michelle Stoller. “She and her husband were so funny and talented.”
The concert was announced during the 2010 fall semester. The first 50 students to sign up to go to it received free tickets. According to Bethel’s Activities Director, Sara Loucy-Swartz, 402 people attended the concert. She said this is more tickets than anticipated because the advertisement of the concert was limited to Facebook and flyers on campus and surrounding churches.
“I went because a friend had an extra ticket,” said sophomore Trisha Miller. “I am very glad I went.”
Heller began her full time music career in 2003. Since then she has toured and recorded full-length records. In 2009, Heller got her “big break” when a contestant on the FOX show “So You Think You Can Dance” used her song “Your Hands” as their audition music. A radio station out of Houston, Texas liked the song and began to play Heller’s music on a regular basis. Other radio stations across the country began picking up  her music and some television shows used her music as well.
“I had heard her song ‘Your Hands’ through my roommate last year.” said sophomore Julie Reichenbach. “Knowing her music is what made me want to go to her concert. I really enjoyed it.”
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