Student athletes perform well in the classroom

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In addition to competing hard throughout the fall semester, both men’s and women’s athletic teams recorded excellent average GPAs. Overall, all of the Pilot athletes earned an outstanding 3.3167, which is a new total semester average. This indicates that the average of all student athletes was nearly over 3.5 which is the qualification for the Dean’s List. As a result, this now brings the average cumulative GPA of all student athletes to 3.2753. That reveals that for the most part, student athletes were receiving higher semester GPA’s than they had in the past. Women’s golf led the way with a 3.7528, softball received a 3.5650, volleyball had a 3.5360, women’s cross country earned a 3.5030, men’s cross country had a 3.4990, women’s tennis contributed with a 3.4900, women’s basketball had a 3.3560, women’s soccer recorded a 3.2590, men’s tennis had a 3.2410, women’s track earned a 3.1740, men’s soccer claimed a 3.1710, men’s basketball had a 3.1700, baseball recorded a 3.1280, men’s golf had a 3.0577, and men’s track earned a 2.8480. This is a great triumph for athletes, coaches, and professors as nearly six teams recorded a GPA of over 3.5. As the spring semester closes in on Spring Break, teams as well as coaches hope that student athletes can continue to go the extra mile in the classroom and keep improving.
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