Q & A with Jordan Hall

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Jordan Hall (photo by Jeff Welsh)
Jordan Hall from “The Jordan Hall Show” was kind enough to take some time to answer a few of my questions. Hall is a huge sports fan from Traverse City, Michigan. When he is not following sports or hosting his popular radio show he can be found on the mound pitching for Bethel’s baseball team. Tune into Hall’s radio show Mondays 8:00-9:30 PM at www.bethelpilotradio.com . JW: What is your all-time favorite sports team? JH: The Detroit Tigers and Duke Blue Devils. JW: What is your prediction for March Madness? Who are your final four teams? JH: My prediction is that there will be minimal upsets. I think the mid-major talent is down this year. My final four is Ohio State, Duke, Purdue, and Florida JW: How many brackets are you filling out this year? JH: I will be filling out only one bracket. I plan on using that bracket for every pool I’m in. That way I have consistency in knowing who I am to rooting for. JW: What topics do you usually cover during your radio show? JH: We pretty much will talk anything that is either related to sports or interesting to us. We have talked about everything from the three main American sports to soccer to hockey. We never talk NASCAR however. We just try to give the people want they want to hear. JW: What is your most embarrassing moment on air? JH: One time I played a Taylor Swift song and after I came back from the song I thought I turned off music, but somehow the song started playing again and you couldn't hear what I was saying because Taylor Swift was splaying too loud in the background. It was very embarrassing. JW: Funniest conversation you have had on your show? JH: We've had a lot of fun conversations. We do lots of segments that blend pop culture and sports and those ones tend to be the funniest. JW: What are your plans after Bethel College? JH: I would like to try to have my own radio show or do some broadcasting in some capacity. JW: Why should folks tune into your show? JH: Its funny, we talk about a lot of Bethel College related things. Were not afraid to poke fun at people. I feel like were pretty entertaining and we both know our sports.
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