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Rogers to address issues of sexuality

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On Wed. Sept. 27 and Fri. Sept. 29 Sy Rogers, a leading voice regarding sexuality, will be speaking in Chapel. “(Rogers) will provide teaching and training regarding sexual and relationship issues,” said Shawn Holtgren, vice president for student development. “The material is designed to enhance understanding of why Christians have sexual struggles and what can be done to more effectively to address such concerns.” Rogers will provide his insights into the field of sexuality. According to Holtgren he will address questions such as; “How big is the problem of sexual brokenness in our Christian community? Why do Christians have such problems? Why haven't we addressed such concerns better? As a student, how can I understand and provide better care for myself and others? What can I do to manage my own vulnerabilities better?” Holtgren believes addressing questions such as these is important. “Generally speaking, the Church has not done a very good job of addressing the topic of sexuality, nor have we been perceived as very redemptive in the process,” said Holtgren. Besides speaking in Chapel Rogers will also be speaking at Vespers at 8p.m. in the Everest-Rohrer Fine Arts/Chapel building. He will also be addressing student leaders on Thurs. Sept. 28 from 3:30 to 5p.m. but all students are welcome to attend.
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