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Goshen College experiences tragedy

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An intruder killed Goshen College biology professor James S. Miller in his own home in Goshen during the morning hours of Oct. 9.
Goshen College Professor of biology James S. Miller was 58. (photo from
Professor Miller was 58 and is survived by his wife, Linda who was also injured during the intrusion and three children. The story made the front-page news on the South Bend Tribune. Bethel College students were informed of professor Miller’s passing during chapel Oct. 10. Senior Vice President Dennis Engbrecht made the announcement and prayed for professor Miller’s family as well as Goshen College. President Steve Cramer emailed all students, staff, and faculty calling for prayer about the tragedy. “I would ask that all of us connected with Bethel College will be in prayer today for Goshen College and particularly Dr. Miller’s family as they mourn the loss of this wonderful man,” said President Cramer. “When one in the Kingdom of God grieves, we all grieve.”
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