Children of the World Choir performs in Chapel

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Each year as neglected papers and projects are piling up around campus and Christmas break is on the horizon, Bethel is blessed with one of the best chapels of the year. That's when The Children of the World International Children’s Choir takes the stage. The choir is composed of little children who have travelled from across the world from impoverished situations in countries like Uganda, Nepal and the Philippines. The Children of the World brought their message of hope and joy to chapel Nov. 16.
The Children of the World performed in chapel Nov. 16 (photo from worldhelp.net)
The singing group performed several popular upbeat worship songs as they danced, sang, and played the drums. The children bounced around on stage like little balls of energy while continually beaming with contagious smiles. The Children of the World International Children’s Choir operates under the World Help organization. According to worldhelp.net World Help is, “a faith-based, humanitarian organization that serves the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. The Children of the World Choir is on a 10-month tour through the U.S. titled the Overflow Tour. The kids share their stories as they visit schools, churches and colleges. Although the children are all smiles on stage, they come from poverty-stricken situations where they have been orphaned or grew up lacking access to something as simple as clean water. During the children’s performance the audience was reminded by a World Help member that the children are not here to merely entertain, but to issue a call for help. Over 29,000 children die across the globe each day from easily stoppable problems like malnutrition and clean water. During the Children of the World’s performance, the audience was educated on the problems facing those around the world and was told how they could be part of the solution. Students were encouraged to sponsor children individually or as a hall. The global water epidemic affects roughly 1 billion people on the planet and in the continent of Africa 40 billion hours are dedicated to collecting water. In the “Bethel Bubble” most of us never think twice about the worldwide water epidemic. Most of the time we don’t even realize how blessed we are to be able to drink, wash, and shower whenever we want. To learn more about Children of the World and what you can do to help stop by http://www.worldhelp.net/cotw/  
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