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Oakwood defeats Manges Hall in annual football game

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The freshman dorm, Oakwood Hall, won the annual Oakwood vs. Manges tackle football game Tuesday, Nov. 8, securing the “Cheap Tin Jug,” a makeshift trophy awarded to the winner, for a whole year. This is the first year that Oakwood has defeated Manges. The last seven years, Manges Hall has won. “Win streaks and records have to be broken at some point, and it’s unfortunate that it had to be this year,” said Travis Beam, the resident director for Manges. “I’m happy for Oakwood getting its first ever win. We’ll make sure to be prepared for next year in order to bring the Cheap Tin Jug back to Manges.” The residents of Oakwood pummeled Manges, winning the game with ease. When asked about his recent victory, Oakwood’s resident director Josh Hartsell pointed me in the direction of Mitchell Horn, who joined the huddle for the freshman guys. “Our basic strategy was to dominate the line,” said Horn. “We had a lot of big guys, which helped us do that.” He cites the amount of upperclassmen in Manges, which is considerably less this year than on average, as a major contributor to Oakwood’s victory. On Oakwood’s new resident director, he had this to say: “He was pretty excited. He went in saying, ‘I know I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.’” Oakwood practiced as a team four or five times according to Horn, and they were able to defeat Manges’ team, who were clad in all white for the game. Overall, the victory was celebrated by the residents of Oakwood with much enthusiasm. “It was quite a party afterwards,” said Horn.
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