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Summer task force opportunities

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This summer the Study Abroad department will be offering task force trips to Asia, Dominican Republic, Albania, and for those interested in staying stateside, Timber Lakes Camp located in Kansas. The opportunities to serve around the globe this summer span three of the seven continents. For those looking to see a snap shot of the world and desiring to serve others, a summer task force could be just what the doctor ordered. Resident Directors Janelle Crotser and Laura Winningham will lead the Asia task force team. The cost of this trip is the most expensive of the task force trips at $2,100 per person. Participants will work with University students, kids, and youth and spend time in a heavily populated city of almost 20 million people. The trip will take place May 2-22. For those interested in serving in Europe, professor Katie Weakland and Resident Director Melody Rensberger will take a team to Shkodra and Tirane, Albania. In Albania, the majority of the population is either Muslim or atheist. Students will serve with Campus Crusade by using sports, arts, and English to reach Albanian University students. The cost of this trip is $2,000 and takes place between May 6-17. Women’s Head Volleyball Coach Julia Reininga is taking a task force team to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic on May 21-June 2. Nestled in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is an island paradise where students will have opportunities to serve in several types of ministries. Students can help serve through sports, education, a medical clinic, microeconomic finance, and social work. The cost of the trip is $1,675. For students looking to stay in the U.S. this summer, Vice President Dennis Engbrecht is leading a trip to Timber Lakes Camp in Kansas. The cost is only $300 and takes place July 30-Aug. 5. Students will be able to serve youth as worship leaders and speakers, be in the nursery, and various summer camp positions.
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