Bethel students respond to Tim Tebow success

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Tim Tebow has done it again as he has attained an increasing amount of media attention as the 2011-12 NFL season has progressed. While attending Florida, Tebow seemed to have the “it” factor as he did everything but lose and willed his Gators to several victories. He may not always look like your prototypical quarterback, but what he lacks in form he gains in hard work and persistence. Since being drafted by the Denver Broncos, Tebow has continued to attract media attention as to whether or not he could ever make it as an NFL quarterback. Analysts argue that what worked for him in college can’t work in the NFL because of the speed of the game and the amount of hard hits he will take. Nevertheless, he continued to go about his business this season and eventually replaced Kyle Orton, who the Broncos were looking for to recover the organization. After the first four games of the season, the Denver Broncos were 1-3 under the direction of Orton and all seemed lost. Then on Oct. 23, Tebow started against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were currently winless at the time; Nevertheless, Tebow rallied the troops late and won in overtime 18-15. Tebow would drop the next game to the Lions before winning five in a row including last week’s late victory over the Minnesota Vikings. With all of the success, analysts have been trying to come up with answers for how he has had so much success in the last seven weeks. However, there are those who do not just appreciate the ability Tebow has on the field but how he carries himself off the field. Tebow has made it clear in nearly all of his interviews that he is a football player but more importantly a Christian. Those who have watched Tebow have seen him thank God on the field with his gestures and he has even answered a number of questions about his faith during interviews. It seems that wherever Tebow goes, he seems to attract a lot of attention because he is unlike what is normally seen in sports. People all over the nation seem to have their opinions about him. While some love the way he carries himself on and off the field, others have different feelings about him. “I think that he does have the ability to inspire people and that is what allows him to have had the success he's had,” said Bethel senior and Detroit Lions fan Kyle Dantzer. “With that said I think many people including myself see him as person who is not genuine. Everything he says to the media is meticulously thought out to protect his image.” Some football fans love the way that he gets things done and doesn’t make excuses. “I wouldn’t say he is an outstanding quarterback, but he is a winner and thats what some teams need,” said freshman Trent Stout who is a faithful Indianapolis Colts fan. “I like the way he carries himself because it’s never just about him, he is always talking about his team and never just himself.”
Love him or hate him, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been on a roll since he took over as the Bronco's starting quarterback. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
There have also been fans who claim that Christian athletes such as Tebow have changed their view on athletics. “Just recently, I have been trying to like athletes who I think are good role models,” said senior Randall Bridges. “I have never been able to stand Tebow because he was a Gator, but recently I've thought perhaps he became a Gator purely because he knew what an impact he could leave on teammates who didn't know Christ and who were constantly in trouble.” Bridges also mentioned the importance of knowing what truly matters in this world. “They are using their gifts that God has given to them and glorifying God with it. Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing as Christians?” said Bridges, talking about Christian athletes such as Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow. Nonetheless, Denver fans have rallied behind their team as they are currently 7-5 in the AFC West and face the Chicago Bears next Sunday at home.  
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