Students feed the hungry

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Bethel students participate in the Feed the Hungry ministry, providing sandwiches and pizza to those in need. Every Friday a group of students meet outside the Zerelli house (next to campus safety) at 5 p.m. to pray, and then carpool to a bus stop in downtown South Bend to serve those who are less fortunate. This was a simple ministry, Feed the Hungry, started by Ryne Lightfoot and a few other basketball players in 2008, but has grown immensely over the past few years. Junior, Lindsay Stork, is one of the leaders of the ministry now. She had heard about it her freshman year and has been participating ever since. “Without Friday night, feeding the hungry, my week would not be complete,” Stork said. “This is something that drives me and really helps me give back to the Lord as he has blessed me and my family so much.” Once the group of students arrives at the Midas parking lot across from the bus stop, they pray and then serve food which consists of sandwiches or pizza from Little Caesars, chips, fruit and water or hot chocolate. Once the food is served they spend time in fellowship with those who come to the bus stop, which always consists of more than 30 individuals, and pray with anyone who needs prayer. “Our main purpose in going each week is to develop friendships with these people and be able to be Jesus to them,” said Stork. “We don’t want to just feed them physically, but much more importantly, feed them spiritually.” Stork believes every student needs to come to the bus stop at least once before they graduate. “Like I said, all it took for me was one time going and since then, I can’t imagine spending my Friday nights anywhere else,” she said. “You just never know, maybe this is something you will absolutely love doing. Most people come back expecting to have blessed the people, when really they themselves have been blessed.” Stork said right now the group is currently holding a coat drive. If anybody wants to donate an old coat there is a box in the Dining Commons. They are also looking for hats, gloves, scarves and blankets as well. To find out more information or learn how to get involved, contact Lindsay Stork at lindsay.stork@bethelcollege.edu.
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