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Sarah Clark is this year’s lone Lady Pilot Basketball senior

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Measuring 6'-3", senior Sarah Clark is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Clark hails from Maumee, Ohio and is the only senior on this season’s women's basketball team. During her career as a Lady Pilot she has played in 115 games and has totaled 208 rebounds, 54 blocks and 423 points. Head Coach Jody Martinez believes Clark is one of the greatest success stories in the Lady Pilot program. Martinez said Clark as a freshman was undeveloped as a collegiate center and had trouble maintaining post position and hitting long range and mid range jumpers. "However, she was dedicated to improvement and her time in the gym and weight room has paid off," said Martinez. "She is a very good college player that has helped this program the last 4 years in being one of the best teams in the nation." Sarah’s drive and work ethic have allowed her basketball potential to flourish during her time in the Lady Pilot Basketball program said Martinez. Off the basketball court Martinez mentioned Clark’s greatest strengths include her servant heart and compassion for others. "She has an amazing heart for God and loves serving others," noted Martinez.
The Lady Pilots' lone senior, Sarah Clark, contributed five points on Senior Day as Bethel eventually fell 65-56 Feb. 4. (photo by Jeff Welsh)
Clark was kind enough to take time out of her busy basketball schedule to answer a few of my questions. JW: What will you miss most about Lady Pilot Basketball? SC: It's hard to pick one specific thing that I'll miss the most because I've loved everything about Lady Pilots Basketball. I will really miss going to practice everyday, Bible studies and hanging out at Coach and Sonya's, and just being with this amazing group of girls. We all have so much fun together. I'll also be at a loss without all the free-T-shirts, free food, and trips to Florida. JW: What are your pregame rituals? SC: Eating some food about 2.5 hours before, listening to music, brushing my teeth, and taking some deep breaths. I have to always sit on the same side of the bus and put everything on my right foot first. During the national anthem I always pray and thank God that I'm blessed to live in a free country where I am able to play this game and that I am healthy enough to do it. JW: Best Bethel basketball memory? SC: I would have to say NAIA freshman year and then the West Virginia Task Force trip we went on 2 summers ago. I've loved all the different road trips we've been on as a team. It's great to make memories together. JW: What are your goals for the remainder of the basketball season? SC: We have 2 regular season games left, so we need to take care of business to stay 2nd place in the conference. Winning the conference tournament would also be awesome. And we haven't been out to NAIA in Iowa since my freshman year, so getting out there and then winning a national championship! JW: What are your plans for life after Bethel? SC: I student teach next fall, so I will be around for another semester. After that I will be looking for a P.E. or Health teaching job. JW: How does it feel to be this year’s only senior on the team? SC: It's crazy that I am a senior already. These four years have flown by. It's been awesome to have been in this program for my whole time at Bethel and to have the opportunity to lead in a captain's role this season. I'm so excited for this team's future success, since next year they will be basically the same team.
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