The man-hunt continues on campus

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An official count of the remaining participants in Ambush has been given.  As of Monday, March 12, 81 of the original 272 players have been eliminated.  This means there are still 191 assassins looking for their next victim. Ambush is a game that has become a tradition on campus in which students, faculty and staff can participate. Each person who signs-up is issued a squirt gun and the name of a person who they are to “assassinate.” Once an assassin eliminates their person, they refocus their efforts on their victim’s assigned person. With that said, there are those on the hunt willing to share their strategy. “Be on the lookout and always have my gun ready to fire,” said senior Leah Smith. “Shoot at any suspicious people, try to stay low and win.” Like Smith, junior Caleb Hadden is laying low. “My strategy is to play defensive but look for little opportunities to be offensive,” he said. “(This is how) I plan on winning, baby!” Unlike Smith and Hadden freshman Kimberly Minnich has decided to play offensively. "I am at four kills," she said. "Once you start, it's hard to stop."
Junior Adam Forrester waits while on the phone for his target to leave the Academic Center. His friend on the other line gave him information about his target's location.
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