Thirteen serve down south during Spring Break

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During Spring Break 11 students led by Resident Director Bobby Morton and professor Katie Weakland traveled to Birmingham, Ala. for a short-term mission trip. The group spent a day traveling before beginning to serve those in the community.
Freshmen Jafet Moya and Kimberly Minnich working on a roof in Birmingham, Ala.
“We helped prepare some homes for families to move back into them by dry-walling, painting, cleaning siding, waxing a wood floor, and then we also helped at a local food shelter and re-roofed a home,” said senior Jodi Spotts.
Junior Elizabeth Beers said they also handed sandwiches out to homeless people, went to a couple youth groups and visited the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Spotts said her favorite part was re-roofing a home because they got to work together as a team, and they not only started the project, but finished it; Beers said her favorite part was getting to know her host family. Both Spotts and Beers are appreciative of the opportunity they had to go to Alabama and be a part of this team from Bethel. “We really grew close as a team,” said Beers. “I feel like we're a family now especially after Thursday because we shared our testimonies with each other on that day.” Spotts said it was an incredible opportunity to get away from Northern Indiana for break “to love and serve others.” Beers said she learned a lot on this trip. “I learned a lot about not putting my worth in how well I do a job, (because) I really struggled with feeling like I couldn't do much,” she said. “The trip (also) gave me a new perspective on what's important in life and reminded me of how much I love doing stuff like that, working to serve people.”
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