Nutshell: Is voting important to you?

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Tyler Mick, senior: "Oh my goodness.  Yes, voting is important.  If you care at all about the laws that govern you, et cetera, then voting should be important to you.  If you don't vote, then don't you dare complain about what politicians are doing." Valerie Joshick: "Yes it is very important. I feel it gives me the right to complain and voice my opinion for or against the government, laws, and practices. I feel when others choose not to vote then they must feel every thing is alright so they need not voice their opinion." Deandrea Louis: "Yes, but I am leaning more towards no. Although we may vote for the candidate we desire, the electoral college has the last say." Rachelle Courtney, senior: Yes, Voting is Very important to me, because I have a voice. Voting is not just important to me in the presidential elections, but in all forms. Most people don't realize that your local government has more of a direct affect on you than the presidential election does, therefore, I vote in most every election."  
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