Stuff my profs say

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For all of you who were at last night's Battle of the Bands, we saw Dr. Oglesbee and Dr. Mihut break out their quirky sides. Face it, teachers get silly too. Here are some of the funnier things they've said (in class, no less!): “Maybe that’s a metaphorical booger.” -Matt Esau, Graphic Design I, talking about congestion in art “I have a theory that everyone has a little man in them and you need to let him out.  If you don’t, he’ll get out on his own.” -Dr. Beth McLaughlin, Com Research Methods, while students were getting goofy during class “I used to know a little Hebrew. He owned a clothing store in downtown South Bend.” -Dr. Duane Beals, New Testament Imelda Odemba on Professor Darlene Geoghan- “Her funny saying is ‘thankyouseeyoulaterbye!’ Everytime I see her, at the end of our conversation she would say ‘thankyouseeyoulaterbye’ I absolutely love it!” Have your own submissions? Email them to nutshell@bethelcollege.edu with the professor's name and the class it was said in.
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