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First ever Homecoming Games a success

 -  -  31

May the odds be ever in your favor. Campus Activities kicked off its very first Homecoming Games, a collection of various competitive games and activities. About 60 students participated and the winners were announced at the Jimmy Needham concert. Director of Campus Activities Reed Lyons and his board of ten students, along with Student Council, planned the Homecoming Games in place of the cancelled Homecoming Pageant. Lyons wanted to “rebrand and refresh” this fall highlight. The winners for the 2013 Homecoming Games are as follows: Seniors: Mat Bowyer and Maddison Warren Juniors: Gavin McGrath and Christina Welch Sophomores: Jordan Moya and Kelsea Eblen Freshmen: Jonathan French and Zoe LaCroix There was a cash prize to motivate participants as well. “I think the incentive of $100 helped people come day after day,” Lyons said. However, people seemed to enjoy themselves, regardless if there was money involved or not. “I’ve had a blast,” freshman Jon French said. “The games were spot on.” “I think they’re really fun,” sophomore Annie Erdel said. “There were cool ideas and I loved the Hunger Games theme.” The Homecoming Games had a Hunger Games theme in anticipation for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film. Plans for next year are still to be determined by Lyons and the Campus Activities student board.
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