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Bethel College’s radio gets an upgrade

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15153084_10202748100581729_1118574283_o There have been several changes to the Bethel campus throughout the past semester, ranging from food to class options. Although there have been a few controversial changes at Bethel, there has also been a recent change that is quite beneficial for the media community. For some, the Bethel radio station may be a hidden gem, while for others it's a part of their everyday routine. Regardless, the radio station has been a part of Bethel for several years, as well as the equipment that it uses to broadcast music and information. Due to the equipment's age and wear, the media center is investing in some new equipment. James Portis, a third year transfer student double-majoring in biblical studies and communications, is a major influence within the media center community and has a large role in the introduction of new equipment to Bethel's campus. "I came on staff here and over the past year we've been trying to make the radio fully available to students," he stated. Although that may seem to be a simple task in today's technologically advanced world, there were several steps that were necessary in order to make the new equipment fully function. "We were able to get the 'SAM Broadcaster,' which is a better way to play the music along the new streaming software, 'SHOUTcast," he stated, "We now have the ability to broadcast not just to the campus, but to the entire world, which helps us get on a better platform." Along with SAM Broadcaster and SHOUTcast, there have been a few other additions to the media center at Bethel. "We now have a more efficient way of running the station," stated Portis, "along with the new broadcasting software, we were able to get a new scheduling software, 'Music1', which is compatible...we can make giant amounts of playlists which allow for constant music. The 'Music1' also makes it that you don't hear the same 5 songs.  Now we have a platform where people can hear Christian and alternative music.  That is what they want to hear, not just the same five songs." Along with the new equipment used directly for the media center, there has also been the new addition of an iPhone app, which is downloadable for any iPhone user.

"We, at the media center, wanted to offer the public a different way to access our station besides the website," stated Portis, "So we looked into the app, 'TuneIn' as a method of making it easier for the student body and the outside public to access it."

TuneIn is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play. "All you have to do is search BC Pilot Radio, and we're there for their listening pleasure," Portis said. "It is also free.  All you have to do is download it." So it appears as though this new equipment will be extremely beneficial for the Bethel community.  However, it took some time and a bit of struggle to get the new equipment. "There was a lot of communication issues, but now that we are slowly trying to get everything in gear, we're going to be spending the rest of the semester making sure that our product is the best it can be," said Portis, "that way, next semester, we can be blasting who we are to the campus." Even though there have been a few issues and struggles in regards to these new additions, it appears as though the new equipment will do wonders for the media center and all those involved. Bethel seems to be evolving everyday into something bigger and better, and I, for one, am quite amazed with how far we, as a campus, have come.
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