What is one of your favorite things about Thanksgiving?

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MISHAWAKA, IND.-- Welcome back to the Nutshell! Each week, the Beacon staff poses a question to you, the Bethel student body, and publishes your answers. 

This week, we asked you:  What is one of your favorite things about Thanksgiving?  Ada Veijola – Freshman English Education Major, “I’m not from America, so mine’s probably a little weird, but I want to say getting time off from school, because this time of semester I think it’s needed.”  Caroline Kitchen – Freshman Sports Ministry Major, “Spending time with family.”  Joel Rivera – Senior Liberal Studies Major, “The best thing is seeing family.”  Michaela Behrens – Senior Nursing Major, “Having lots of time to relax with my family.”  Elizabeth Williams – Freshman Psychology and Criminal Justice Double Major, “I love hanging out with my cousins and extended family.”  Emma Leatherman – Junior Nursing Major, “The food.”  Lori Stutzman – Assistant Professor of Business, “About eight years ago my kids and I decided to start volunteering over in Elkhart for the Faith Mission Turkey Run, and it’s always cold, but we’re always glad we did it.”  Taylor Lavengood – Sophomore Children’s Ministry Major, “Spending time with family.”  Aaron Schavey – Associate Professor of Economics, “Family.”  Noah Nisen – Sophomore Biochemistry Major, “The food, definitely the food.”
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