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Plans for New Welcome Center Underway

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MISHAWAKA, IND. -- As of 2019, plans for constructing a new Welcome Center at Bethel will be put into action. If all goes according to plan, the Welcome Center will be opening late fall of next year. It will be built to the west of the Admissions Building and constructed to have a circular appearance. The center will be a “first stop” for incoming prospective students and their families. They will be able to learn about Bethel as a great spiritual environment, a close community and as a future home.  

Terry Elam, vice president of enrollment management, said, “We are really interested in taking the unique qualities of Generation Z and really helping them understand that we can meet their needs. We know that they want to be involved in something important and they want to make a difference in the world.” 

Perspective students will be given the chance to hear stories of Bethel alumni and will be challenged to think about, “What would coming to Bethel mean for me?”   The purpose for building the center will be to engage all the senses, so that the student can make a great decision when choosing a college to attend. The Welcome Center will also function as a place where alumni can come and visit.   It is hoped that the center will aid in answering four questions for incoming students: 1. Does Bethel have the program that I am interested in?; 2. Can I afford it?; 3. Will I fit in?; and, 4. Can I get a job after I get a degree?   “[Students] want to make sure that they are getting value for their dollar, so we want to create that experience for them that shows that Bethel understands those concerns and can meet their needs,” Elam said.   One unique element that will give the sense and feeling of home, is that perspective students and their families will be offered fresh baked cookies upon entering the Welcome Center.
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