What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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MISHAWAKA, IND.-- Welcome back to the Nutshell! Each week, the Beacon staff poses a question to you, the Bethel student body, and publishes your answers. 

This week we asked you: What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Arcadia Woods – Sophomore Biochemistry major, “I always pick one Christmas movie every day, every day up until Christmas actually.”  Jocelynne Moss – Junior Nursing major, “My grandparents always come over in the morning and we have brunch, and then, because nothing else is open, for dinner we always have takeout Chinese, so that’s probably my favorite.”  Hope Nofziger – Junior Theatre Arts and Deaf Studies double major, “Every year, my mom, instead of writing our names on the presents to figure out who’s gift is each, she writes a code on the gifts, and we have to figure out what the code is for each person before we’re allowed to open any presents.”  Tiara Dehoff – Junior Business Administration major, “It’s not one of my traditions, but it’s kind of one that I’m starting, so my fiancé, he and his family, on Thanksgiving we set up the tree, and then we go play football, so that’s kind of like a Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition that we do together. So that’s one of my favorite holiday traditions.”  Theo Williams – Assistant Professor of Communication, “For me, I would probably say my big one’s the food, so I love cooking food and I love eating food, and then, we would always go to a movie on Christmas day. And so we’re probably going to keep that going sometime in New York, we’re going to go see, probably ‘Aquaman’.”  Adam Weaver – Junior Engineering major, “The day before, my brother and sister, they’re older than me, so we kind of just hang out at one of their houses, so that’s a fun thing we do.”  De’Jion Adams – Freshman History major, “I like being with my family.”  Joey Johns – Junior History and Philosophy double major, “Probably hanging up the stockings with my family; we actually did it last weekend, but it’s always a good time.”  Brianna Barnett – Sophomore Communication major, “One of my favorite Christmas traditions is, I just get together with my mom and my brother, our whole family, and we watch ‘Elf,’ or just a whole bunch of Christmas movies really, or we just set up the Christmas tree, and my dog Mindi just lays underneath it and we’ll just watch ‘Elf.’”
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