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Career Services Department: Mock Interviews

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MISHAWAKA— On Wednesday, Feb. 20, the Career & Development Services Department held mock interviews. These were mostly for the benefit of the junior and senior business majors, but all students were welcome. The mock interviews are an opportunity for students to practice and prepare for real job interviews in their future.  

“Students sometimes find these mock interviews intimidating, but once they go through it they are able to recognize how they can improve, and it really does help them to be able to prepare for future interviews,” said Matthew Stackowicz, director of Career & Development. 

The mock interviews were open to all majors—though some majors required participation from students. The interviews are held by the Career & Development Office once a semester for the student body.  

Career & Development invite human resources professionals to come and administer the interviews. The professionals treat these mock sessions as if they are real-life scenarios and are instructed to be honest with students about how they did and what their results are. Though the human resources professionals are told not to candy-coat results to students, they will relay results in the nicest way possible.  

Students were required to dress professionally, because professional style influenced their interview results.  

According to Stackowicz, these mock experiences are considered career readiness activities that will help students acquire jobs before they even graduate from Bethel. The goal is to help students prepare for their futures in the business world or any other work environment.  

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