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MISHAWAKA— On May 6, Bethel College will officially become Bethel University, and Terry Linhart, Ph.D., dean of adult and graduate studies and professor of Christian ministries, will launch a new podcast.  

“It coincides with the launch of Bethel University,” said Linhart. “It was meant from the very beginning to do that."  

Linhart has been podcasting for five years. He first started doing it as a joint project with Michael Yoder, a 2009 graduate who was a resident director at the time.  

“We just tried it, and out of that came his company that he started for podcasting,” said Linhart. “When I moved to this job [as] dean of adult and graduate studies... I wanted to help promote the programs here in a free and informal way.”  

Linhart said that the basis for the name comes from his days in pastoral ministries when he observed that it was mainly students who wanted to go into ministry or missions that were ministering on the stage. 

“I think we need to have a conversation about work,” said Linhart. “We were created originally to work; God created us to work before sin entered the world. It’s not like ‘Oh, the job is in the way of what we really want to be about.’” 

Linhart also wants to help people become self-aware.  

“I think when we do work, we learn about ourselves,” said Linhart. “I just find people today, especially around the college... they’re getting degrees from us because they want to do a better work, and I think there’s this drive to want to be better at it.” 

Linhart said that while the topic may sound “boring,” he’s very interested in it and very excited for the guest speakers.  

“One of the first guests we’re going to have is with the Airbnb phenomenon,” said Linhart. “I think it’s a fascinating trend, and it’s certainly growing. South Bend here is a big Airbnb community because of Notre Dame football games.” 

Linhart wants the podcast to be uplifting for its listeners.  

“I want it to be encouraging, I want it to be upbeat,” said Linhart. “I think what’s going to separate this is that it’s going to be hugely encouraging.”  

The podcast is intended for anyone who is entrepreneurially minded and feels a little restless.  

“That can be a 27-year-old, a 47-year-old and a 67-year-old,” said Linhart. “There are different life stages where we all wonder, ‘Hey, what should I be about? What's next for me?’”  

Linhart also hopes that the podcast will help him grow.  

“I think we all ultimately do things because we want to learn,” said Linhart. “I’m on a little bit of a journey to learn and grow too, and so I want to grow along with the audience... and I just like doing it because it’s fun; there’s a joy factor to it.” 

Linhart will do the podcast for two years and then re-evaluate it in the summer of 2021.  

“I’m going to work hard to make it grow,” said Linhart. “There will be 55 episodes, and then we’ll see where we land. If the listenership is strong, then we’ll keep going.”  

There will be three episodes the first week of the podcast, then one the following week; after the initial launch, there will be one new episode every other week. 

“If you have ideas, head to This Better Work Podcast website,” said Linhart. “It’s pretty exciting.” 

You can check out the website at 

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