Intramurals Start Up

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MISHAWAKA, IN—Intramurals are enjoyed by a wide variety of students on campus. For the most part intramurals have been sports such as sand volleyball, basketball, softball tournaments, and futsal. But there has been some exploration into some non-sport intramurals like e-games and things of that nature as well. 

Sand volleyball started up this past week and will be followed by many other sports. This will transition into basketball, then to futsal, all with open gym activities scattered throughout. Intramurals are somewhat an open concept, meaning whatever sports or non-sports people are interested in competing in will determine what is actually done as long as there are enough people interested. There is a schedule that the intramurals staff sticks too, but they are also open minded to new ideas and interests. The staff is made up of five individuals: Johnny Bennett—Intramural Director, Lehy Felix—Intramural intern, Jamari Robinson—student worker, Rebekah Schoolman—student worker, and MacKenzie Strahan—student worker. 

Johnny Bennett, Intramural Director said, “Intramurals has the ability to be what students want it to be. We’ve been stuck with what people come out to do, but if there are other things people are interested in, we are willing to explore those too.” 

Intramurals are a great thing Bethel offers and a way for students to gather and enjoy themselves while competing. If one is interested in getting involved in intramurals, they can follow Bethel Intramurals on social media or look out for flyers around campus.  

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