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Graduate School Tips: Psychology Department

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MISHAWAKA – Any Pilots looking to go to grad school for Psychology should take a peek at these useful tips from Bethel’s Psychology Department. Professor of Psychology Stephanie Carlson, Ph.D., gave three useful tips to succeeding in graduate school. 

“Work a job in the field in the summers. Work at summer camp, be a mental health technician at a mental hospital, work providing care to elders, be an ABA therapist. Do something that gives you good experience and builds your resume instead of working in a fast-food restaurant. If you absolutely must work elsewhere to make more money, make sure you are involved in volunteer work when you aren’t at your regular job.  

Next, Carlson emphasized the importance of doing your best in all your classes.  

“Care enough about your future clients to learn everything you can in school so that you can use it someday to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said.  

Relationships are another valuable area to develop. 

“Form relationships with your professors. This is more possible if you do your best in your classes, go to talk to them in their offices, attend psychology club events, ask one of them to mentor you, and impress them enough that they select you to be a departmental assistant or tutor for psychology,” she said. “They will be able to write you a much better letter of recommendation if you do and you may grow as a person and a professional from the high-quality contacts.” 

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