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Bethel Hires New Basketball Coach: Steve Drabyn

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MISHAWAKA—Campus is buzzing with talk about the success of the basketball team this season. So far undefeated, the coaching staff and players must be doing something right, and a good part of that credit goes to Steve Drabyn, the Head Basketball Coach for the Men’s Basketball team. 

When asked why he took on the role at Bethel, Drabyn said, “I was drawn to Bethel because it is a faith-based school that fits my value system and I want my family to be in this kind of environment. I want to grow in my faith and also help our staff and players to grow in their faith and hopefully impact them in that way. 

“My second reason is I was ready to be a head coach and take that step in my coaching career. I was also drawn to the tradition. Bethel tradition is phenomenal and is as good as it gets at the NAIA level.” 

Drabyn grew up close to Bethel and would come to basketball games with his dad when he was younger. So when he heard that Bethel had an opening available for head coach, he applied for the job. Drabyn previously had coaching experience as assistant coach for a high school and multiple universities, and he has won multiple awards as a basketball coach and as a player.  

He graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education in 2004, then got his Master of Education at the University of Indianapolis in 2010.  

Drabyn’s coaching philosophy, according to the Pilots’ website, states, “I have been fortunate to have many former coaches instill values into me not only as a player, but also as a person. It is my desire to pay it forward to the young men I am fortunate to coach, impacting them beyond the basketball floor. I want to help young men wherever they are on their spiritual journey, helping them grow in their relationship with Christ, becoming men of empathy and integrity who will reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously, and give God all the glory. I intend to build a faith-based culture focusing on the core values of unity, humility, gratitude, mindset, and fearlessness. I want to impact lives beyond our locker room by serving our families, fellow student-athletes, and our communities. And finally, I want to carry on the Bethel men’s basketball tradition that has sustained a level of excellence for many years.” 

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