Bethel Performers Prepare for Recital Season

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MISHAWAKA--Recital season is something most performers look forward to. It will be stressful, and it causes anxiety, but it sums many experiences for seniors as they look toward their future careers, whether they be performance or education.  

Megan MeGehee, a double major in theatre arts and general music, has the first recital happening in this season. She will kick off with a smorgasbord of musical theatre songs, some as solos and some as duets. She says she feels good about the recital even though she did not have much time to rehearse with the others involved because of quarantining and being isolated last semester. She is looking forward to singing “For Good” from the show “Wicked” with her friends.  

“It wraps up my time at Bethel really nicely,” McGehee said. 

The McGehee Recital is happening on Friday, Feb. 5, at 7:30 p.m. in Everest-Rohrer Auditorium. 

The second recital belongs to Brandon Slabaugh, a guitar performance major. He loves the delicate stylings of classical guitar and the flare it can ignite in listeners.  

“All the effort and work that was put in last year will bring a paycheck, if you will,” Slabaugh said. 

He is most looking forward to playing “The Girl from Ipanema” in his recital. He loves having a group of people to play with, especially for jazz tunes. The Slabaugh Recital is happening on Friday, Feb. 19, at 7:30 p.m. in Kelly Auditorium. 

McKenna Liebenow, a percussion performance major, has the third slot in the upcoming recitals. She will be doing several marimba pieces including a piece with has nineteen instruments to play. She says she feel prepared because of all the work she put in during the previous summer break and winter break. This is a steppingstone for her as she prepares to go for her graduate studies for percussion. The piece she is most looking forward to playing is “Cold Pressed.” 

“There’s a bunch of different movements, there’s nineteen instruments, a lot of different styles, and even a couple of different mallet choices, so it should be really cool,” Liebenow said. 

The Liebenow Recital is happening on Saturday, Feb. 20, at 3 p.m. in Everest-Rohrer Auditorium.  

Rebekah Scott, a piano performance major, has the final recital of the season. She will perform an array of piano styles. She says she feels confidant, but acknowledges she still has work to do. She must memorize half of the recital per her instructor’s request; she is working on making that happen. She has trouble with choosing which one is her favorite. 

“I like all the ones I’m doing, but I would say Chopin’s Nocturne in d flat major,” Scott said. “It’s really pretty.” 

The Scott Recital is happening on Friday, March 12, at 7:30 p.m. in Everest-Rohrer Auditorium. 

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