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Campus Safety Update

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MISHAWAKA- Over the course of the past month, the number of vehicles broken into went down slightly. Paul Neel, director of campus safety, did not give a specific reason for the decrease in vehicle related thefts.  

“My hope is that more folks are securing their items and vehicles,” Neel said.  

With the winter weather beginning, students are encouraged to take extra safety measures. Some ways students can do this are by making sure their vehicle is in good working order so it can start whenever it is needed. It is also important to wear proper footwear for the weather conditions. Slipping and falling is easy and very dangerous during the winter months.  

“I will add to be aware that as the time change occurs and the season progresses, there will be many more hours of darkness,” Neel said. “We should all continue to be aware of our surroundings and observant. Whether you are walking or driving around campus, take care to be observant of hazards. Ask questions always, if you see anything suspicious, contact us right away.” 

If you need to reach campus safety for any reason, you can call the Campus Safety mainline at (574)-807-7500, or you can call or text the Campus Safety cell phone at (574)-292-8100.  

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