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Bethel Offers Professional Headshots

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MISHAWAKA– On March 17 and 18, from 10 am to 5 pm, the Career Development Office was offering professional headshots for students. This provided an opportunity for students as professional headshots can be used for all careers that students at Bethel are planning on pursuing. Jessica Lyons, career development program manager, explained why she believed it was important students go get their headshots done: “It’s one of those things that you don’t need until you need it.”

Lyons said that headshots are beneficial for times when students need a professional picture of themselves.

The headshots were taken by a professional photographer, who does a lot of photography work for Bethel. 

To sign up, students could scan the various posters posted around Bethel or sign up on the Career Development’s Instagram. Students could also just show up to get their picture taken if they had not signed up.

Professional headshots are offered every spring at Bethel, so students can get their headshots next year if they were unable to this year. 

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