Review: Bethel University’s Theater Department Puts on Production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 

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MISHAWAKA- Bethel University's Theater Department is doing a production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The musical is directed by Don Hunter, a professor at Bethel University. The show is running for two weekends, March 25-31 and April 1-2. 

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a story of a castle put under a curse and a girl from the local village who’s the only hope to break the curse. It’s a story of action, romance, and magic. For this production, alumni from the Bethel theater department were invited to return to the Bethel stage alongside the current Bethel students. This cast of 28, alumni and students, brought life this story with singing, dancing, and acting. The skills of all 28 people were clearly displayed on the Bethel stage this past weekend.  

Several alumni and current students came to see the show, the Everest-Rohrer was packed at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 26. The production included live music and singing, as well as impressive costumes and props which all helped to make this a special show. 

The show will continue next weekend, April 1-2. Tickets are available online or at the ticket booth. Students, staff, alumni, and the community are all invited to come out and support the Bethel Theater Department. 

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