Bethel Presented Annual Operatic Irregulars

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MISHAWAKA– Bethel’s 2022 Operatic Irregulars took place on Sept. 9 and 10 at 7:30 p.m. both evenings in the Everest-Rohrer Auditorium.  

The Operatic Irregulars presented an operatic trio (three chamber operas). The shows included “Little Harlequinade” by Salieri, “The Telephone” by Menotti and “Bastien & Bastienne” by Mozart.  

The total performance was a collaboration between current students and alumni, with current students filling the roles in “The Little Harlequinade” and “Bastien & Bastienne,” while alumni filled the roles of “The Telephone.” 

The Operatic Irregulars first began in 2001, when Rhein organized the first Operatic Irregulars show at Bethel. Rhein has overseen the annual event ever since, choosing the music and the singers.   

Rhein said he started all this because he wanted to give students an experience doing something new. Rhein said some of the former students who performed in Operatic Irregulars became professional singers and have told him this was an important part of their professional journey.  

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