Psychology Club Releases Calendar of Events

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MISHAWAKA- The Bethel Psychology Club kickstarted its events for the 2022 fall semester on Friday, Sept. 9, with volleyball, outdoor activities and smores. The Psychology Club events, though designed with psychology majors in mind, are open to the entire student body. 

The club is primarily student led with help from its faculty advisor, Norm Spivey, Ph.D. Senior Nathaniel Hubley is currently serving as the club’s president. 

The next event on the schedule is a panel of speakers on Sept. 30. This event consists ofindividuals working in the psychology field and people who have gone through Bethel’s psychology program discussing job opportunities and what a psychology degree can look like after graduation.  

This will be followed by a “Give Back to the Community” event on Oct. 15. 

“It’s basically a service event,” Hubley said. “A lot of times they’ll do Feed the Children or some other projects like that.”  

One of the most exciting and anticipated events the psychology club puts on is the Murder Mystery Party, scheduled for Nov. 5. They have done this event in years past and it is always a hit with usually about 30 people showing up. 

“We’ll have a light dinner and then go right into a murder mystery event,” Hubley said. “Someone ‘dies’ and there will be clues hidden around for people to slowly discover who the murderer might be, all while the murderer can get more people and eventually try to win for themselves.” 

The last event of the semester will be the Thanksgiving and Christmas Party on Dec. 2. In years past these parties have been separate, but the decision was made to group them together this year.  

“A lot of these events are opportunities to have fun with other students and to get to know them,” Hubley said. “I’m hoping to see a lot of people coming out to them.” 

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