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Campus Activities Hosts Ice Skating Event

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MISHAWAKA–On Sunday, Jan. 15, Campus Activities hosted the annual Bethel skating party at Howard Park. One of the more popular events sponsored by Campus Activities and the Wellness Department, this event has been a staple of the spring semester for quite a long time. According to Allison Nicholas, who works with Campus activities, this event usually sees around two hundred students in attendance, making it one of the most well-attended events in the academic calendar. Freshmen and sophomores attended at 8 p.m., while upperclassmen attended the event at 9 p.m.  

It is only in more recent years that this event has been at Howard Park, a newer venue near downtown South Bend. This facility features both a large ice rink and an ice-skating trail. “They’ve been great to work with,” Nicholas said. 

This event was free to students. 

“Students need not pay for most of these events that we [Campus Activities] host,” Nicholas said. 

In the coming weeks, Campus Activities will be hosting a Mario Kart tournament on Jan. 20, as well as a life-sized Dutch Blitz on Jan. 27.  

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