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Dude Week: A Dude’s Perspective 

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MISHAWAKA – On Feb. 12, Bethel University kicked off Dude week with a midnight ritual of meat, chips and salsa. All male students were invited to partake in this get together before the main events that took place throughout the week. The events change each year and vary from dorm to dorm. There are some common events each male dorm shares and prizes students receive along the way for taking part in Dude Week. 

There were three events per day and by attending an event students earned points that led to the ultimate prize of the title, “Dude of the Week.” There were also other ways to earn points to be Dude of the Week announced on a daily basis.  

“The purpose of dude week is to come together as men,” Johnny Bennett, the resident director of Manges, said.  

As it is second semester, this is a way for all the guys on campus to bond further or get to know the other guys on campus and have a suitable time. I had an enjoyable time at the events I went to and talked to some guys I wouldn’t on the average day. 

A popular event for the Men of Manges was the Nerf war. It was utter chaos for a planned event, and everyone had fun. We had a battle royal, hostage, infection and team deathmatch. Nathaniel Hubley, a resident assistant, was the “secret agent” who ran the infection match. 

“For infection, one of you is a zombie and will be trying to tag you” Hubley said. “To not get infected you can shoot them, and they will be stunned for ten seconds.” 

Infection was the most thrilling with zombies running and screaming while the humans were sneaking around trying not to be found. Eventually, it ended with a few humans being hunted down by a mob of Zombies.  

At the end of the week on Friday night was the Dude Week Retreat, which is a recurring event across all years. The location of the event does change each year, and this year it was held at Beacon Health and Fitness in Elkhart, where we played basketball, swam and played some games. 

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