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It’s a safety issue


How does taking away 10 of the former 18 speed bumps protect us? This is a question that has been on my mind since I came back to campus. I understand that it is more convenient for drivers and easier on our cars, but with the high percentage of foot traffic i... More »

Spiritual Emphasis Week concludes


  Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) began Monday, Sept. 13, with keynote speaker Clint Ussher calling for Christians to wake up and start living out their faith in a more radical way. Ussher spoke at both morning and evening chapels throughout the week, wrapping u... More »

The efforts of getting a big name concert on campus


By Alex Tsikouris With the upcoming Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath concert coming to Bethel on Tuesday, Oct 12, Student Council is hard at work. Student Council President Rosten Hamman said the concert has required a lot of planning. “This summer, the new exec... More »

Freshmen adjust to Bethel


Freshman are beginning to find their way around Bethel, many times to the amusement of Upperclassmen, who like to forget the fact that they themselves were once Freshman as well. Freshman Orientation began with a bang on Saturday, Aug. 21, as incoming students... More »

The Row House residents relocate


The women of the Row House have a new home in the townhouses of Logan Village. The eight residents of the house migrated to Logan Village after the burglary that occurred in their home on Sept. 7. The girls have been understandably shaken up after an intruder ... More »

Row House burglary


 During the early morning hours of Sept. 7, the Row House, one of Bethel College’s perimeter housing units for women, was burglarized.  The intruder is believed to have broken into the house through a basement window. The thief then crept upstairs where he sto... More »

Spiritual Emphasis Week


Spiritual Emphasis Week is well under way here at Bethel. On Monday, Clint Ussher began the week with a call for Christians to wake up and start living out their faith in a more radical way. Ussher has continued to speak at both morning and evening chapels thr... More »

Yearbook transitions from print to digital


This year’s student yearbook staff is in charge of changing the face of the Bethel College yearbook. They will make the transition from a printed book to a DVD book. Due to budget decisions, Bethel decided to discontinue printing of the college’s yearbook “Hel... More »

Students learn about 5Star


This week students met to learn more about 5 Star and how they could get involved. 5 Star is an organization that recruits college students who volunteer to run an after-school program at local middle schools. During these after-school meetings, the youth are ... More »

Students travel south for the semester


On Wed., Sept. 1, at approximately 9 a.m. a group of students said goodbye to their fellow friends and classmates as they drove off in a charter bus toward Chicago to catch a plane headed for the Dominican Republic. This group of students will be gone for the ... More »