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What can Phil do for you?


“We would rather report to 10 false calls than have you discover a missing laptop or iPod,” said Phil Jerome, director of Campus Safety. It is Campus Safety’s goal to help students feel safe at all times, but there are simple steps that can go a long way in pr... More »

Dorm match program strikes the community


Throughout each school year, Bethel College sends students out into the community to serve their neighbors. Many students participate in the mandatory Service Days through Service Learning two or three times a year. However, other service opportunities are ava... More »

Bethel hosts free college fair


The 16th annual free college fair was hosted by Bethel this year in the Weikamp Center.The North American Coalition for Christian Admission Professionals (NACCAP) held the 16th annual free college fair for the South Bend/Mishawaka area on Thursday, Sept. 30. B... More »

“No Coke – Pepsi”


Over the summer Bethel switched out all the Coke products for Pepsi products. Students have mixed feelings towards this. Sophomore Courtney Hemminger does not mind the swap. She prefers Dr. Pepper, so she is okay with the change. However, sophomore Lisa Chang ... More »

It’s a safety issue


How does taking away 10 of the former 18 speed bumps protect us? This is a question that has been on my mind since I came back to campus. I understand that it is more convenient for drivers and easier on our cars, but with the high percentage of foot traffic i... More »

Spiritual Emphasis Week concludes


  Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) began Monday, Sept. 13, with keynote speaker Clint Ussher calling for Christians to wake up and start living out their faith in a more radical way. Ussher spoke at both morning and evening chapels throughout the week, wrapping u... More »

The efforts of getting a big name concert on campus


By Alex Tsikouris With the upcoming Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath concert coming to Bethel on Tuesday, Oct 12, Student Council is hard at work. Student Council President Rosten Hamman said the concert has required a lot of planning. “This summer, the new exec... More »