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Housing sign-ups get remodeled


A new point system will now determine student housing arrangements. Every group that signs up for campus housing will be prioritized based on each member’s individual “score.” “We believe students will benefit by seeing how the choices they make while on campu... More »

Dr. Dennis Crocker accepts new position


After three years as vice president for academic services, Dr. Dennis Crocker will be leaving Bethel at the end of the 2010-11 school year. Crocker was approached in January by his alma mater, Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Ill. They offered the po... More »

Gas Prices Predicted to Reach $4


The national average price per gallon of gas is $3.55. One Year ago, the national average was $2.82 per gallon of gas. As gas prices continue to rise and summer quickly approaching, college students begin to think twice about traveling. “I’m not a fan of payin... More »

Students raise money for water


Water. It is such a simple concept. Here at Bethel it’s easy to get it. you can walk to the sink, shower or any of the many drinking fountains on campus. However, many around the world don’t have these options. They don’t have clean water, or any water availab... More »

Students serve in Atlanta


This past Spring Break, 21 students and a professor spent the respite from school serving in Atlanta, Georgia. Juniors Emily Henry and Jenn Moya co-led the trip in its third year running. “I think this trip is an awesome opportunity for Bethel students to serv... More »

Students in perimeter housing recieve free cable


Students in perimeter housing will now be receiving free cable from Comcast. Last semester, much to the dismay of many on campus, the free cable students were enjoying was downgraded to a lower cable package. “Not completely sure yet, but it seems as though al... More »

Beda Dodge will soon be leaving Bethel


Beda Dodge, director of end-user services at Bethel College, will soon be leaving her position. Dodge, who has worked in Bethel’s IT center (otherwise known as “the computer lab”) for six years, plans to marry her army chaplin fiancé, Timothy Griffis, and move... More »

Faculty react to Wednesday’s events


After the happenings of Wednesday’s chapel, there has been a wide variety of mixed emotions from both students and faculty alike. Many reacted and were touched by the events and testimonies shared on Wednesday. “What happened last Wednesday was wonderful: what... More »

Tuckey and Oakwood claim top spots in Pilot Olympics


After a long demanding week of Pilot Olympics, Tuckey continued their winning ways as they were triumphant in the overall dorm category. Meanwhile, Oakwood provided the individual team that collected the most amount of points. The week was filled with several ... More »

Students Unveil Months Worth of Work


The Weaver Gallery is once again filled with the artwork of many talented students. This time they were on display not only to see, but also to be judged in the fourth annual Juried Student Art Exhibit. “I like to show what I have been working on and see what ... More »