Campus art show focuses on beauty and diversity

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The Multi-Ethnic Resource Team (MERT) is hosting an event featuring beauty and diversity: the Center for Intercultural Development Art Show. MERT’s leaders include Theo Williams as coordinator for faculty, Lisa Malkewicz for staff, Lori Gonzalez for international students, and Alex Gonzalez as student coordinator. According to Lisa Malkewicz, “the aim of the Art Show is to do a very visible launch of MERT and CID by bringing the community together in a pleasurable way.” “The aim of the show is to promote Bethel’s heart for diverse cultures through wall art,” said senior and member of MERT Johanna Craig. “The winning pieces of the show will be displayed in various buildings around campus. They will serve as a reminder to our community that God’s kingdom is one that spans many countries and cultures.” Alex Gonzalez added the message of the show is that the Kingdom of God is diverse, and God’s people ought to share their life stories, struggles, pains, and joys as well, with each other. Malkewicz explained that art was chosen because it is a very expressive and deep type of communication and it is the perfect way for individuals to express what ‘diverse cultures’ means to them. Several students, faculty and staff are planning on submitting their work, according to Gonzalez, and organizing the event has been fairly smooth so far. Members and organizers of MERT are looking forward to various elements of the Art Show. “I am very excited for this event and the meaning behind it,” said Craig. “I am not only excited for the reception evening, but for the long term results. People’s artistic abilities will help make this campus look even more beautiful while promoting a cause that many people at Bethel care about.” Malkewicz is looking forward to seeing the talent and expressiveness of the entries. Gonzalez feels, as someone who graduated with a BA in Studio Arts, this show really speaks to him and he is excited about what people are going to be displaying. There is still an opportunity to enter a piece for the show. There are sign-up sheets around campus particularly in the dorms. Or you can e-mail Lisa at malkewl@bethelcollege.edu. All entries are due in the Fine Arts Center on Friday, Oct. 23 by 5 p.m. Any medium, any size is acceptable so long as the art can be hung on a wall. There will be a brief presentation and then prizes will be awarded to the winning artists. First place art will find a permanent home at Bethel.
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