Theatre Department prepares for ‘Charlotte’s Web’

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"Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White
"Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White
Spirits are high as the Bethel College theatre department rushes to rehearse the spring production, a stage adaptation of E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. The book spins the tale of a runt piglet named Wilbur, who is rescued from slaughter by a girl named Fern and taken to live on a farm. Under the gentle influence of Charlotte, a kind and erudite spider, Wilbur makes friends and eventually proves his worth. "The play is a very good adaptation of the book," said junior Stephen Loewen, the actor portraying Wilbur. "There are a few minor details left out, but nothing I would consider detrimental to the story." Rather than strain the credulity of the audience and the budget of the drama department by dressing in elaborate costumes, the actors will wear costrumes that hint at the animals they are portraying. "What may be different about our production is that our animals are more like people than animals - each one represents attributes most of us have in our personalities," said director Sara Farren. "Templeton is self-centered, Sheep has wisdom but not tact, Lamb is petty, Goose and Gander are caring and affirming, and Charlotte is observant, compassionate and giving." The drama crew faces the difficulty of a short rehearsal period. Not counting Spring Break, during which rehearsals will be suspended, there will be less than a month to prepare for the production. Another challenge is Charlotte's web - the literal web used by Charlotte throughout the production. "I'm so excited that we are 'flying' Charlotte!" said Farren. "It will be physically demanding," said sophomore Sabrina Hallock, the actress portraying Charlotte. "It will also be influential in determining the movement of the other actors onstage, as well as the placement of the set." In spite of the difficulties, the actors are excited about the production. "I'm thrilled to be doing the show!" said Hallock. "I feel so blessed to be a part of a talented, hardworking cast with a phenomenal director like Sara Farren." Junior Chester Shepherd, portryaing Templeton, echoes Hallock's sentiment: "Am I worried? Absolutely not. Sara Farren is directing. We're in good hands." "This production is going to be fantastic," concluded Loewen. Charlotte's Web will run from March 25 to 27. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in the lobby of the Everest/Rohrer Chapel Fine Arts Center.
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