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Bethel’s Theatre Department Sponsors 24-Hour Theatre Event

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MISHAWAKA- This year, Bethel’s theatre department sponsored the 24-hour theatre. The 24-hour theatre is a variety of approximately 10-minute long plays that are written, directed and performed within a time span of 24 hours. Auditions were held Sept. 24 and the performances themselves were held on Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. 

“This gives students opportunities to get their feet wet in areas outside of their comfort zone,” said Grace Cole, theatre arts administrative assistant. “If you think you might enjoy writing plays, you won't know until you try. It is not a huge commitment, one weekend to expand your knowledge and skills.” 

The event is student-focused. Students are cast in roles of directors, playwrights and actors/actresses. The directors of the show casted the actors and the playwrights stayed up all night writing; the actors and directors started rehearsal on Saturday morning. This event was open to everyone who wished to be involved, not just theatre students. 

On Saturday night, there were five different mini plays performed by Bethel students with the assistance of staff members. The titles of the plays were “Perchance,” “Commonplace Anaphylaxis,” “This Party is Cancelled,” “Takeout for Caroline” and “Schrodinger’s Dress.” 

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