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Students are up for the ‘Task’

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Most students will participate in the typical summer activities: getting jobs, tanning, sleeping in, and catching up with friends. But a group of 18 students won’t be doing that (at least for a little while) this summer. This group, led by Josh Hartsell, assistant director of the semester abroad and task force office, and Lindsey Weber, resident director, will be taking part in a task force trip to the Dominican Republic from May 3 to May 15. “Bethel College has a relationship with the DR base of Students International (SI), a ministry located in several countries,” said Weber. “Students have been placed with different ministry sites operated by SI: Special Education, dentistry, sports, and education. They'll be working alongside missionaries and nationals each day.” Among the students that are going is freshman Julie Reichenbach. “[We will] serve, share the gospel and the love of Jesus with others as well as grow ourselves,” she said. Some are more excited to do certain activities over others. “I'm looking most forward to helping with kids in the special education area and getting out to into a place that is in need of help,” said sophomore Collin Koogler. To get ready for this trip there has been a lot of preparation “with prayer, team building, monthly meetings that prepare the team for cultural interaction, ministry and what to expect in an overseas setting,” said Weber. Freshman Lindsey Moore said she has been reading the Bible and praying in preparation for the trip. Although the group is excited about going, there is still some anxiety. “I am most worried about traveling and living in another country for two weeks,” said Moore. “I have no idea what to expect and that makes me really nervous.” Freshman Brooke Victor is doing her best not to worry. “Satan is going to do what he can to tear us apart and prevent God from working,” she said. Then there is junior Lisa Oesch, who said she is not worried because “we're in God's hands.” Koogler said, “I decided to go on this trip because I feel like my life calling is in the missions field, although I have not been on a missions trip, I feel this would be the best way to start.” As a leader of the group Weber is excited to see what will take place in the lives of the students. “I am excited about seeing the students interact in their ministry sites and seeing how God stretches them,” said Weber. Oesch said she is looking forward to “building deeper relationships with the people in our group, getting to know the people of the DR, and growing deeper in my relationship with the Lord.” Moore is also looking forward to that but is also excited to see what God is doing. “I am most looking forward to the changes God is going to make in my life,” said Moore. “I have only been to Canada, and I am excited to see God at work in other parts of the world.” Once the trip is done the group will be eager to look back and see what they have gained from this experience. “I have never seen real poverty,” said Victor. “I have lived in Northern Indiana for most of my life and I hope that by going to a place that is not as well-off and privileged as I have been ... that God will continue to open my eyes to what the actual world is really like. I hope, also, that he will give me an even greater passion for those in need.” Moore agrees and said, “I am super nervous because I don't know what to expect, but [I am] ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”
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