Oakwood boys leave Shupe girls hanging

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Oakwood boys pile leaves in front of Shupe dorm. (Photo by Jordan Robbins)
The Shupe girls awoke to a very early Christmas present on Tuesday morning, Nov. 16. As the girls came down to leave for their classes, they realized they wouldn't be able to exit through the front door of the dorm. Overnight, their door had been blocked by a giant pile of leaves. The culprit? The Oakwood guys.
"What woke me up was all the yelling and running around outside," said Nicole Barr, Shupe resident. "But I didn't realize I was being pranked until they (the boys) started running alongside the building banging on our windows and singing and chanting 'olay'!" According to Barr, several of the girls woke up in the middle of the night and the Shupe halls became rather chaotic. The boys seemed to have really thought through their plan. Barr explained that they spray painted the words "use side door" on the door glass before piling the leaves in front. They also left an Oakwood Banner on site to claim the prank as their own. Oakwood freshman Andrew Bonner regretfully slept through the prank. However, Bonner explained how the boys rallied their dormmates together for the big event. "Many of the guys watched a movie to keep themselves awake," said Bonner. "They went around to each of the rooms waking people up to get everyone to join in." Bonner said the boys used about 70 to 80 bags of leaves for the prank. Grounds workers spent about two hours and about six truckloads in hauling the leaves away. In Barr's opinion, and from the word around campus, this was a prank to remember. But, as many of us are wondering, will there be retaliation? We will all just have to wait and see.
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