‘Breaking Dawn’ comes to the big screen

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Warning: Spoiler Alert! I, being a fan of the Twilight saga, went to the midnight showing of "Breaking Dawn" Part 1, the fourth of the five film series on Nov. 18. I read all of the books when I was in high school and had seen all of the films in theatres on opening weekend at least once. I was there from the beginning, before the band wagon took full force, so I was excited to see how well the book would be portrayed on the big screen.
When the lights dimmed and the film flickered on, all eyes were fixated on the screen as Jacob Black ripped off his shirt and ran into the woods as he read Bella’s wedding invitation in the very first scene my first thought was this is going to be a quality film. And, just like the other "Twilight" film it was off to a rocky start with cheesy lines and awkward moments between Edward and Bella. I wish I could say it got better as the film went on, but if it did, it was only slightly. I had spoken to several fans of the series and almost everyone was wondering how they were going to portray the honeymoon on film. To my surprise, I believe they handled it very well, alluding to what needed to be alluded to, but not showing too much to be inappropriate for those under the age of 17. The main issue I had with the film overall, along with I am sure many other fans, is the scene in which Jacob and the other werewolves are transformed into wolf form and are speaking to one another. I thought to myself, “Am I watching a Disney movie right now?” The whole scene didn’t seem very realistic (as realistic as a scene like this can be) and the wolves looked more like pets than intimidating paranormal creatures to me. On top of that, everyone also needs to admit the imprinting scene was just a tad bit weird. Although, I did appreciate that Jacob was not perceived as being in love with Bella and Edward’s daughter but as a protector. I admit I may have bashed on the acting and certain scenes from the film, but I do believe the screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, and director, Bill Condon, were very accurate in depicting the events of the book on film. There was no way they could have done anything different in order to clearly show to anyone who has not read the books the story line. I do confess there were times when I wondered why I spent $9.25 on this film or why I even put this much time and money into this series to begin with, but I am still a fan through and through. I can’t explain it; I just am. Because I am, I know I will be waiting in line along with the rest of the dedicated fans who have stuck through this series, for better or worse, to watch Part 2 of the final book as it comes to the big screen Nov. 16, 2012.
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