Finals week survival guide

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Its finals week time again, and if you haven’t started studying yet, don’t worry, there is still hope. I have a few pointers for you to help you prepare for the tests to come. 1. First and foremost, it is important to figure out when your tests are and mark them on a calendar. 2. Secondly, decide which tests are going to take the most preparation. 3. If you have a study guide, fill it out a few days before your test. If you don’t have a study guide, make an outline of any material you believe you will need to know. 4. Read the study guide or outline you made several times throughout the day and before you go to bed at night. 5. Re-write important information on a piece of paper over and over again until you not only have it memorized but understand it. 6. Make flashcards of any important vocabulary and go through them when you have a chance. Even if you think you know the words keep going through them because repetition is key! 7. If it is called for, get a small group of people from your class, no more than three or four individuals, and study together. Make sure each of you understands the material by walking through the study guide or flash cards, and then quiz each other. 8. Do not stay up all night studying. If possible get seven or eight hours of sleep the night before your exam. 9. When taking the test, do not rush through it. Take your time and look over your answers when you are done. If you don’t know an answer, make an educated guess. 10. When the final is done, do not panic about how you did because you can’t change anything now. All it will do is affect you when you go in to take your next exam.
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