March Madness comes to Bethel

 -  -  26

It is that time of the year again when everyone’s eyes are fixed upon the television screens, hoping that their brackets will remain nearly flawless through the entire March Madness season. Whether watching to see which Cinderellas will make it the furthest, rooting on their favorite school or cheering on their chosen teams, it is exciting for all types of sports fans. Unfortunately for most people, it can be difficult to view games during the day with conflicting responsibilities such as work and class. Nevertheless, many find ways around it through televisions in offices or March Madness on Demand. In addition, everyone wants to make sure that they are not just observing from anywhere, but somewhere with a great atmosphere and a large television with high definition. For students on campus, these can be difficult hurdles to overcome; however, students have been known to be clever in overcoming these types of obstacles. By scoping out projectors and crowding into rooms with a high-quality television, there are several spots on campus that make for great atmospheres. “I love the feeling of March Madness and I can’t wait to get our projector up and running,” said Senior Derrike Kolb, who lives at Benton house. Students also find themselves in difficult situations when class schedules clash with game times. Because games often start around noon in the early rounds, students are faced with decisions on Thursday and Friday. For freshman Trent Stout, it is vital that he watches every single game throughout the tournament, especially the Duke Blue Devils. “I will have my lab top running wherever I go during the Thursday/Friday games,” said Stout. “I love March Madness.” In addition to lab tops, students now have opportunities that have not always been around such as iPads, iPods and smart phones. If students do not have access to any of these, they can opt for scores to be sent to their phones throughout games they are following. “I will be checking my phone throughout class,” said freshman Gavin McGrath, who is an avid Michigan State fan. However, the technology does not stop there. Just like any other year, games can be seen through March Madness on Demand online. Unfortunately, it will cost people $3.99 this year if they wish to pursue this option. Whatever the case may be, Bethel’s campus will be filled with entertaining atmospheres and bracket challenges throughout the month of March.
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