Pilots Stay Undefeated

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MISHAWAKA--The Bethel University Baseball team has had a great start to the season continuing to stay undefeated.  They continue their winning streak 11-0 victory against Randall University and keep pushing with a strong start to their season.  

After the game, we asked Bethel player, Kawambee Moss, “What area do you think you improved on compared to last year?” He said “Everything, from the workouts to grinding every day and taking one team at a time. Not getting ahead of the schedule we’re playing and attacking the approach the coach needs us to do; everybody ready to fill their role.” 

We received the opportunity to interview the Head Coach of the Bethel University’s Baseball team, Seth Zartman. We asked, “What you are doing this year, as a coach, compared to last year since the Pilots are off to a great start this season?” Zartman said, “The difference is the mindset in that locker room, one of the things that I think turned the switch for us is we only had fourteen guys returning from last year's team. So, we have eleven new faces in that locker room, so I believe the one to one mixture with the new faces to the old faces and our veterans have really turn the page on how they focus and what they're doing. Our veteran guys have set the tone from the beginning and the older guys have taken the younger guys under their wing, and the relationships that we built have been tremendous of how we come along right now. The guys have a focus and when you're losing ten seniors off a twenty-four-man roster there is a focus to go out strong. There is not a lot I've done differently except to try to get these guys to understand that relationships are number one but to come out every day and do your job. Our guys have really clicked into that right now and that’s a big part of why we're having the big success we are right now.” 

We also asked, “How do you think the pilots played tonight since they have won against Randall University?” Zartman said, “We came out and keep our focus really well, the first couple of innings Randall University kept us off balance a little bit. I felt from the third inning on we made good adjustments at the plate, we really started to put the ball in play like we needed to get our guys on base and then put pressure on them to make plays. We were able to take advantage of those few mistakes, but the guys played well in their adjustments. Our defense was solid today, we made every routine play which is exactly what we needed to do but the adjustments we made from the third inning on from the plate really was the difference in the outcome of that game today.” 

The Pilots continue to keep their undefeated streak going and keep pushing through the season. 

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