Farewell for Winter: A Bethel Autumn in Photos and Poetry

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MISHAWAKA--Beacon Staff Writer Stephanie Hickner took advantage of the beautiful weather and vibrant colors this week to capture some stunning photos of campus. Scroll to the bottom to read the poignant poem she wrote to accompany them.

It’s cold.  

My toes I’ve rooted in the dirt 
to protect them from the wind and the beetles 
who wish to devour them.  

Voices claim that I’m beautiful 
but I can’t hear them. 
I’m losing my hair 

The ants have found new homes 
No longer do they roam my body. 
They are in the dirt 
with my toes. 

It’s getting colder. 

I don’t know how much longer I’ll make it. 
Birds peck my limbs 
And I remember the first day you ever sat beneath me. 
Exhausted, and overcome with worry, 
your hair was a mess. 
Tried as I could to make you better, I failed. 

I hope I brought you down 
Down to the dirt with me.  
to hide and pretend everything was ok 

You’re the only thing that isn’t constant in my life.  
And I’m the only thing that is constant in yours.  

When Spring begins,  
and my hair grows back,  
Promise me you’ll return.  

So my toes can feel your warmth,  
and we can host each other 
at least while the sun shines close 
and the flowers bloom. 

Please, do that for me? 

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